Baby Brezza Glass One-Step Food Maker

Steam and blend baby food ingredients in a single, easy-to-clean appliance

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Baby Brezza

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Baby Brezza Glass One-Step Food Maker

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In a nutshell: If you want an appliance just for baby food, you’re going to love how simple, convenient and well-made this machine is.

The perks: The Baby Brezza’s four-cup glass bowl is large, sturdy and easy to clean, and the appliance comes with a spatula and recipe booklet to get you started right away. It also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, and the plastic parts of the appliance are BPA and Phthalate-free.

Baby Brezza Glass One-Step Food Maker
Make delicious baby food in one, easy-to-use appliance.

The headaches:  It may take parents a bit of trial and error to figure out which settings work best with their favorite ingredients to obtain the smoothness that they require.

Final verdict: The Baby Brezza Glass One-Step Food Maker has one purpose – making baby food – and it does a great job doing it. All you have to do is dice your ingredients, choose a setting – steam, blend, or steam then blend – and, after a preset amount of time, come back to a finished meal for your baby. You have to cut your ingredients into tiny bits – around 1/4 of an inch a piece – before you try to cook and blend them, however, and even then the resulting puree may be a bit grainy or chunky. Peeling your fruits and vegetables before placing them in the appliance can help ensure a smooth consistency, as can placing food that takes longer to steam at the bottom of the bowl if you decide to blend multiple ingredients together at once.

One thing to be careful with is how often you clean this appliance. Many reviewers online have had issues with plastic flaking off the blade and into the steam tank after using the food maker for an extended period of time. While we did not experience these issues, cleaning the removable water tank by hand often and putting the bowl and blade in the dishwasher after every use (they’re dishwasher safe!) can help prevent these issues.

While the price tag is a bit steep if you don’t look around for a deal, when you add up how much prepackaged baby food costs, the Baby Brezza Glass One-Step Food Maker is fairly affordable. However, unless you get creative, this appliance has one purpose, and you may find it takes up more space than it’s worth after your child has moved on to more solid food.

MSRP: $159.99 $125.98 View $106.52 View

Baby Brezza: $159.99 View