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Utilitarian smartphone app for logging baby’s primary activities offers good storage but not much pizazz, for a price




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In a nutshell: In the crowded world of baby activity tracking apps—many of which offer a free version—Baby Log stands out for its $4.99 price tag. It boasts that parents who purchase the app receive unlimited data for as long as they like. That’s good for people who elect to use it as their baby book, recording all milestones, vaccinations, and growth for seemingly forever. But moms interested primarily in tracking their newborns’ diapers, feeding, and sleeping schedules don’t need to buy this app.

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The perks: Baby Log allows you to store a lot of medical information, including allergies and vaccination records, on your phone. That puts it right at your fingertips whenever you need it. There’s a place to list baby’s blood type, which isn’t standard in other apps in this category. Parents can log baby’s every feeding, diaper change, solid meal, and sleepytime using tidy tabs, and then graph it to identify their little’s natural schedule and habits. Included in the cost is unlimited data storage. There are no in-app purchase opportunities, ads, or pressure to upgrade to a premium version. All info can be exported to email or (strangely) sent to Twitter.

The headaches: The milestones note is completely free form, with no guidance as to what to record. Unlike other baby log apps, there isn’t any advice and info on baby development. For the price, I wanted the app to be more helpful and supportive, and not just be a storage facility. For example, the Sprout app provides all of the tracking tools, plus a spot for memories and daily age-appropriate information, for the same cost. And the WebMD Baby app offers a ton of in-app baby content.

the baby log app

The creators promote Baby Log as having a clean design and clutter free. I found it to be visually unappealing and uninspiring. It looked and felt dated and even a little dreary.

Final verdict: There are a ton of baby tracker options out there, so moms can afford to be picky about the one they choose. If you’re the type who will stick to a storage and organization system for years, the Baby Log app could serve you well. For moms looking for an app that gives support and advice along with its tracking tools and milestone diaries, this one will fall flat. There are better, prettier apps for purchase that will work for them. And for those moms who simply want to record the diaper output and feeding habits of their newborn for a few months, there’s no need to shell out $5 for this one. A free, basic app like the Baby Feeding Log will suffice for that.

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