Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer

Accurate, one-second readings with a free, detailed app for easy tracking

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In a nutshell: This thermometer does two important things really well: It provides an exact temperature within one second and it gathers readings to easily sync with the free Kinsa app for intuitive, ongoing tracking of your child’s health. However, these helpful advanced features result in a higher price than other thermometers in the market.

The perks: The Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer’s biggest advantage is its smart technology, which allows it to take fast, accurate readings that sync with the app. Families with children who get sick often or who need ongoing medical care may benefit from these tools. In addition to tracking temperature, the app that’s connected to the smart thermometer allows you to track symptoms, diagnoses, medication doses and images related to a child’s health history. The app can also provide real-time guidance on next steps to take.

The headaches: This thermometer has a lot of great advanced features, however may not meet every family’s budget., especially if their little ones rarely get sick or don’t have health challenges.

Final verdict: Kinsa really thought of everything a new parent or guardian may need. Not only is it FDA-cleared, but the Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer is meant to take a squirming, unhappy child’s temperature quickly and painlessly and then make it easy for families to track each individual child’s temperature readings and symptoms within a free app.

Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer being held in a babys ear

When we tested the product, we specifically wanted to see if it was truly able to provide a precise reading quickly. We weren’t disappointed; our tester hit the button once, gently placed it in his ear, pressed the button a second time, and in less than a second we had his temperature of 98.7 degrees Fahrenheit. His temperature stayed consistent as we continued to use it. The thermometer’s step-by-step guide (which is included) provides users with an easy-to-read temperature guide through the use of emojis. We loved this part: a smiley face means the little one has a healthy temperature, an unhappy face means he or she has a fever, and a crying face indicates the child’s fever is high.

This thermometer brings taking a temperature into the modern age.
This thermometer brings taking a temperature into the modern age.

While the thermometer can be used with or without the app, the main selling point of this particular item is the ability to sync information with a smartphone or similar device. The Kinsa app is free, and it has a bunch of great features for parents and guardians who want their children’s information to be in one easy-to-access place. The Kinsa app allows you to organize your children’s medical information into individual profiles, and it includes age-specific recommendations and information to help families keep track of symptoms. Users of Apple products can even sync the Kinsa app to their HealthKits. All this can be helpful to parents and guardians with children who have multiple health concerns or who want additional guidance about their little ones’ health.

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