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Free app providing lullabies, nature sounds, and white noises to soothe your baby

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Sleep Sounds App on a iPhone

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In a nutshell: The Sleepy Sounds app turns your smartphone into a white noise machine or sweet music box. Featuring soothing sounds like ocean waves and babbling brooks, plus familiar lullabies on a loop, this app is a good free alternative to that $40 noise machine you put on your baby registry.

sleepy sounds app

The perks: After selecting a sound, users set a timer, or just opt for app to run indefinitely.  Four varieties of white noise—including vacuum cleaner, heavy rain, and tumble dryer—provide sounds to soothe an infant. There’s also an option to play your own music (which is pulled from the Apple Music app on the iPhone). Tiny falling stars adorn the solid-colored backgrounds, which could be mesmerizing for a little who just needs to zone out.


The headaches: There’s no way to get rid of the small pop-up ads that run along the bottom of the app. The lullabies sound a little electronic for this listener’s taste. Running Sleepy Sounds can be a drain on your battery. And there is the inconvenience of having to leave your smartphone in your little’s room at naptime….

sleep sounds app

Final verdict: For moms looking to settle their babies down for naptime or to soothe a screaming child in the car, this app has plenty to offer. Eight different sounds give options for moms to test what is most calming to their baby.

Select the lullabies tab and the app begins to loop through a series of classic baby songs like “Hush Little Baby,” “Rock-a-Bye Baby,” “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” and “Where is Thumpkin?”. The sound quality won’t blow you away, but it won’t drive you crazy either.

Moms know that white noises like the sound of a vacuum cleaner can be calming to newborns. If those kinds of fuzzy noise work on your little one, the hair dryer, tumble dryer, and vacuum sounds on this app are sure to please. The Heavy Rain sound, oddly filed under the White Noises section, is an ear-pleasing rendition of the real thing. I’m not sure if the forest noises—which consists primarily of chirping birds—would have worked on my kids as babies. Ditto the stream sounds, which are primarily tinkles. But the Ocean sounds? Turn that one on to soothe you when even the app can’t console your screaming baby!

In conclusion, the Sleepy Sounds app provides sounds designed to be soothing to a baby, but they’re easy on the ears of mamas, too.