SoundBub Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

A portable speaker that plays familiar songs and voices to soothe your baby

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In a nutshell: The WavHello SoundBub Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Soother offers families the ability to calm their children with the help of songs and pre-recorded voice clips through their mobile phone. The device’s mobility enables parents to change the soothing sounds as they see fit to ensure children are at ease wherever they go.

The perks: The SoundBub comes in three child-friendly, animal-shaped choices: Bella, the rabbit; Ollie, the owl or Benji, the bear. Via the VoiceShare mobile application and a Bluetooth connection, moms and dads can pair their smartphones with the speakers to play personalized content to soothe their babies. Parents can use this capability to record themselves reading children’s books, singing lullabies and more that can then be used to calm their young ones during naptime or bedtime.

Enables parents to change the soothing sounds as they see fit to ensure children are at ease wherever they go.

The blue tooth speaker and soother itself is chew-safe, so teething babies can gnaw on the device without issue. Parents can set the handy timer in 30, 60 or 90 minute intervals and play white noise if their other recordings aren’t doing the trick. Families will also gain access to a free digital album with their purchase, filled with instrumental lullabies and additional white noise tracks. Furthermore, SoundBub’s lithium battery can be recharged as necessary.

The headaches: Although the SoundBub speaker comes with a continuous play option, the device must be plugged into a power source to do so. Without connection to power, the battery will only run for approximately two hours if this choice is selected.

Sound Bub Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The instrument emits a white light when in use that can be distracting to children and parents alike, especially during sleep. Families must also keep their Bluetooth-connected mobile devices in close range of the speaker for best playback.

Final verdict: The WavHello SoundBub Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Soother gives families a bang for their buck. For $59.99 parents can rest assured that their babies will find more restful sleep with the help of the various songs and noises of the WavHello SoundBub.

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