Summer Infant LIV Cam

A portable baby monitor perfect for families on the go

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Summer Infant LIV Cam

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In a nutshell: The Summer Infant LIV cam is perfect for families that enjoy travel and are constantly moving from one activity to the next. The device’s compact size makes it easy to transport and set up anywhere, and its sturdy outer shell protects the camera itself from harm. Moms and dads can keep an eye on their child whether they’re indoors or outdoors with this helpful monitor.

The perks: Although the instrument is enabled with peer-to-peer WiFi, no internet access is needed for families to monitor their little ones. The LIV camera allows parents to stream the video live to their mobile devices, is compatible with both Android and iOS and has no data charges. The monitor has a built-in suction cup for mounting on a variety of surfaces, making it easy to set up. Not only does the LIV camera have a wrap-around strap, it also includes an adjustable arm so moms and dads can switch up the angle.

Summer Infant LIV Cam

The monitor has a one-year warranty and comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to five hours. The LIV camera also offers night vision capabilities, which will automatically kick in if placed in low-light rooms. With one-minute replays, moms and dads can rewatch and share funny moments captured on the monitor with friends and family.

The headaches: Not needing a WiFi connection is a plus, but the LIV camera’s transmission range leaves people wanting more. Phones and mobile devices connected to the monitor cannot be locked or the stream will be lost. Static noise is not uncommon when the instrument is in use and there is often a delay between the monitor and what moms and dads will see on their smartphone screens.

Summer Infant LIV Cam
The Summer Infant LIV cam is perfect for families that enjoy travel.

Despite promising four to five hours of use, the battery life is not as long-lasting as intended. The camera frequently turns on and off depending on signal, which can leave parents without video of their child for extended periods of time if they’re not paying complete attention.

Final verdict: The Summer Infant LIV Cam can seem like a good alternative to a more expensive video-streaming baby monitor, but the device has some hiccups. Parents may be attracted to the instrument due to the similar capabilities it offers in comparison with cameras costing hundreds of dollars. $58.99 View $89.99 View

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