Robot Baby to Replace Newborns in Movies

It moves like a newborn. Mimics a baby’s reflex like the Moro reflex, the response to feeling like you are falling. Right now, it is skinless which makes it a bit like a prop from a horror movie. Ironic since it could land a position on a soap opera near you…

What is it? It’s the Animatronic Baby and it is creator Chris Clarke’s answer to using real newborns on set.

Frankly, being part robot myself, I dig the amazing movements that this “baby” can make. Clarke says that (A baby’s) brain is still trying to figure out which electrical impulses control which body parts…I design the mechanics to move generically the way a baby does.’

‘The rest is getting into the head of the baby when puppeteering it.’


Check it out!!

Is this the future baby in tv shows and movies?