Sandra Bullock’s Son Has a Heckuva Role Model

Actor George Clooney attends the opening night

Sandra Bullock makes single motherhood look easy. Heck, she makes life look easy! Yes, she’s hit some rough patches as we all do, but she also hasn’t aged a day since Speed and owns an Oscar for her incredible talent. So it doesn’t surprise me that this lucky lady is friends with George Clooney…

For a single mom of a little boy, George is male role model gold. Apparently little Louis even requests “man time” with George! How sweet is that? George Clooney is a stand-up guy. He does a lot of good around the world to help people and to bring attention to worthy causes. He is also a wonderful actor and director with a lot of great connections in Hollywood. He’s even in with the President!

I just love the idea of this larger-than-life guy spending time with little Louis. The more solid rolemodels kids have when they’re growing up, the better. Louis can learn a lot from a guy like George, and maybe George will be someone Louis can go to when he gets older and doesn’t always want to talk to mom about everything.

I am always amazed by single moms and how they are able to get it all done. It’s hard enough when you have two parents. I know of one single mom who has said it’s not easy and it would be nice to have someone to share things with — the good and the bad. But I know she is also extremely thankful for the family and friends she has in her life who help her with her young son and make her feel like she’s not alone.

I am sure Sandra feels that way about George and reading the story about George hanging out with Louis warms my heart. I’m also hoping George and Sandra get together and become the most adorable family of three ever… And it looks like my wish might just come true…