Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Baby’s Name is a Knockout

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Actors Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr. have unveiled the name of their son, born in late September. The pair kept mum about the baby’s birth and name but a source has revealed to People that the newest member of the Prinze family is named Rocky James. The trend-bucking choice of Rocky stands in contrast to other recent celeb arrivals—MagnusMillerLion, who despite being on the rare side, exemplified current trends.  Despite the fact that it may fit in sonically with other macho names like RoccoSpikeRudy, and Sonny, Rocky is a name in a (weight) class of its own.

Rocky is one of those baby names that has never been very popular, but has a major cultural association we don’t think it can shake.  We speak, of course of Rocky, as in Rocky (Robert) Balboa, subject of six films, three video games, and a million runs up the steps of the Museum of Arts in Philly. Though the first movie came out over thirty years ago, the half-billion dollar franchise is an iconic touchstone for athletes and couch potatoes of all ages. And there are other pop-culture Rockys that may give parents pause like the beloved cartoon Rocky and Bullwinkle, Beatles 1968 hit Rocky Raccoon, or even camp classic Rocky Horror.  While a Rock, Morocco, or Rockwell can slip under the radar and easily invite the nickname Rocky, using Rocky as a legal name takes a champion-level of gumption.

While middle name James is a perennial favorite (and a classic middle name to follow an uncommon first) the outré Rocky is miles away from old-school and feminine Charlotte Grace, the name they gave to their daughter, now 3.  The year she was born Charlotte was a top 100 girl’s name and Grace was #17.

Could it be that the Prinze family likes their boy’s names manly and the girl’s names frilly? Could be, as we doubt that Rocky will ever make the switch to the girl’s column.

What do you think of Rocky James? How do Rocky and Charlotte sound as a sibling set? Do you like the idea of a classic middle name to “fall back on”?