Sarah’s Tips for Flying With Your Kids

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Every mom knows that flying with your kids, even when they’re angels, is no picnic. And if they happen to be sick or even slightly whiney on travel day? Forget it!

Traipsing through the airport while carrying your kid(s), their luggage, your luggage, a baby seat, a diaper bag full of any combination of tissues, wipes, bottles, books, etc. is rough — and that’s just getting to the flight! Then there’s takeoff and landing, ear popping, tiny bathrooms, tight quarters, uncomfortable seats, etc., etc., etc.

So of course I had to laugh when I read about Sarah Michelle Gellar taking both of her kids, ten-month-old son, Rocky, and three-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Charlotte, on an airplane ride — by herself. That must have been a trip.

She told, “The latest milestone I hit is flying with two children. It was my first flight with both children at the same time… I think that nobody on the flight would complain. I think that they were all very happy. I didn’t poll them afterward, but I was tempted.”

I have to say that if my kids were well behaved on a plane ride, I would be tempted to poll the other passengers as well! If you can honestly say a flight with your kids went well, that is an achievement that deserves recognition! It is really something for a parent to be proud of and thankful for because nobody wants to be the mom whose kid is screaming the whole flight or won’t stop kicking the seat in front of him. What do you do? Where can you hide? That’s right: nowhere.

Sarah Michelle also told People that her daughter was playing pilot, saying, “She told everyone to sit in their seats and buckle their seatbelts constantly, which was pretty funny.” Um, I’m not sure the other passengers really thought it was that funny, but I’m sure it was pretty cute.