Second Baby = Second Baby Registry?

Presents for young mother. Happy young pregnant woman receiving gifts from her friends on baby shower party

A recent Mom365 survey showed that most pregnant women have at least two baby showers. That means two showers for one baby. I’m curious what you think about moms who have showers (and set up registries) for their second (or third or fourth) babies.

Is that sort of thing perfectly fine in your book – hey, every baby should be celebrated and have a least a few new things – or are subsequent showers and registries the mark of a greedy person? Some people think the only acceptable reason to have a registry/shower for a second child is if it’s a different sex than the first one. Some think it’s only okay if there’s a huge age gap between the kids, meaning the parents need updated gear for safety (or maybe style or convenience) reasons. And then there are the people who think registries for anything – babies, weddings, birthdays – are hopelessly tacky across the board.

Three years after having my first baby, I’m now pregnant with my second boy, and although we still have a lot of our original gear and TONS of clothes, we definitely need a few things for the new kid. Several people have asked if we’re registering, and I have to admit I’m nowhere near comfortable admitting I’m setting up a (modest! practical!) registry for the things I need (and want) to have.

Now, I honestly (honestly!) don’t expect anyone to buy us anything for Number Two (nor did I for Number One), but even when I swear up and down that the registry exists mostly as a checklist for myself (not to mention it’s a handy way to get a completion discount from the store), I still feel like some people will give me the side-eye, silently accusing me of abusing the generosity of my family and friends.

As for having another baby shower, my mom has mentioned maybe throwing one, because I didn’t have one for my side of the family last time, but even thinking of accepting the offer makes me feel a little weird. Will everyone think I’m Greedy McGreedyson? Or should I just get over it and let people celebrate this new baby as much as they celebrated the first one?