Sex After the Baby

Feet in bed

I’ve totally felt unsexy after having my babies. I felt huge – all over. I felt as though things would never look or feel the same. I was leaking… everywhere!! Some days my clothes were wet from hearing the sound of my baby’s cries and not from the sound of my husband’s footsteps. I lacked sleep so I was moody and cranky. Of course I didn’t want to be touched!

My poor hubby. He just wanted intimacy and I was giving all my attention to the new little person in the house. Thank goodness he was so patient. I was very grateful

One thing that helped was talking to each other. I expressed my desire to be closer but told him how I felt, both physically and emotionally. He was receptive but I knew that he was disappointed. So I did what I could….

I sat close to him. I held his hand. I’d kiss him at random moments after putting the baby down for a nap. I nuzzled and hugged and later down the road, we became intimate again. It didn’t happen overnight. We laughed at my leaking breasts and took care of my “issues” (do yourself a favor and invest in women’s lubricant!). We made sure we protected ourselves. No new pregnancy to go with the new baby. Yikes.

Maybe you’ve tried this and it’s still a struggle. Its OK to not feel sexy. Times does heal.

In what ways do you bring romance back after having a baby? What ways did your partner help?