Sharon (and Ozzy) Raised Some Great Kids

Sharon Osbourne

For a while it looked like the Osbourne kids might go in the same unfortunate direction many rocker kids do. Thankfully they didn’t, and if I were Sharon Osbourne I’d be darn proud of my job well done.

Ever since their reality show, I have loved the Osbourne family. I didn’t know much about them before that; of course I had heard of Ozzy, but Black Sabbath was not my thing and I had no idea “The Prince of Darkness” had a wife and kids. So of course I had to watch their show! I LOVED that Ozzy seemed like a regular dad and that they had 45 dogs, and that Sharon was actually kind of like my mom. (Kind of.) It just came as such a surprise to me that these people were so, well, normal (and that their house was so beautifully shabby chic).

However, I was not surprised when I heard that their youngest children, Kelly and Jack, were both doing drugs. I expected it and let the news go in one ear and out the other – more famous kids going to rehab. But when both Kelly and Jack got clean, lost weight, and started talking about how passionate they are about taking care of themselves – and how they take care of their family members — I started listening. I am so impressed by those kids.

Kelly Osbourne is on the September cover of “Cosmopolitan” looking fabulous (okay, I have to admit I do not love her purple hair and was hoping she would have changed it by now). For a girl who has been to rehab seven times by the ripe old age of 27, she looks amazing and sounds like she’s doing just as well. The cover photo is part of an article on that provides a sneak peek at the Cosmo interview where Kelly talks about the unconventional ways her mom took care of her during her rehab days (including locking her in a padded room!), and how Kelly in turn took care of her mother when she was battling colon cancer (and her father while he recovered from a near-fatal ATV crash). That would not be easy for anyone, especially a young girl who’s whole life had been one big party so far. The fact that she chose to be by her parents’ sides when they needed her most says a lot about the kind of person she is.

I was also so happy to read today that Jack Osbourne and his gorgeous wife, Lisa, are expecting their second baby. Jack has come a very long way since we first got to know him on MTV. I have a soft spot for Jack O. because he has MS. My sister was diagnosed with MS not long before Jack was, and as much as I would prefer no one have to have it, I was glad that Jack’s story brought so much attention to the disease. The way Jack handled his diagnosis, especially when it came two weeks after the birth of his first child, was inspiring. He and his family have been active in the MS community helping the cause, and Kelly was even recently honored for her work with the Race to Erase MS charity.

I think the way these kids have turned out is a testament to Mama Bear Sharon’s good work. She stands by her family through thick and thin. She is outspoken in all the best ways: She always talks about her kids and grandkids and how much she loves them, she opens up about the diseases she and her family have battled and are still struggling with, and of course she gives her opinions on everything from fashion to politics on “The Talk.” She lets everyone in to see the good, the bad, and the ugly of being part of an uber-famous family, and because of that I bet she’s helped a lot of people. She sure has done a great job with her kids.