She Won’t Let Go Of The Bottle

My baby girl never breast-fed for more than three months. Even during the three months, it was inconsistent. She hated her pacifier and didn’t suck on her fingers or thumb. But lately, she can’t get enough of that sucking feeling. Did I do her an injustice?

I didn’t force anything on her. If she didn’t want it, I didn’t make her take it. I liked the fact that she didn’t need the pacifier to go to sleep. It was the same for her brother. However, in the last few weeks, it seems that she’s in a sucking phase and I’m not sure how to handle it.

I’ve given her a special lovely that she cuddles with. She shoves her fingers in her mouth or even grabs mine to suck on. I, reluctantly, showed her her old binky but she just chomped on it and spit it out. I was grateful for that.

The biggest challenge right now is that she still drinks from a bottle. Before she’d drink from a sippy or even a regular cup with a straw. Now she wants nothing to do with either. She only wants a bottle. To make matters worse, she bites through every nipple.Yes, she has more teeth coming through. Maybe it’s soothing for her, I don’t even know anymore.

I’m at a loss. I’m sure the answer is very clear; get rid of the bottles. Maybe I just don’t want to lose the “baby” in her yet.

Have you had similar challenges with your baby/toddler?