Sheryl Crow is a Good Sport (and she rocks an eye patch)

sheryl crow wearing an eye patch

Sometimes being a mom can be downright painful – and dangerous!

It’s not nice, but I had to laugh when I saw that Sheryl Crow posted a picture of herself wearing an eye patch — and a big, bright smile — on Instagram. Her caption? “So this is what happens when you play tennis with your kids… Someone has a good forehand!”

So cute! But that had to hurt – and definitely could have been much more serious. Thankfully it looks and sounds like she is a-okay, so it’s safe for me to say this was my favorite news story of the day. I feel terrible that Sheryl was injured, but I never get tired of hearing about celebrities doing ordinary things. It sounds silly because of course they do ordinary things every day just like everyone else does, but the idea of this singing superstar playing tennis with her adorable boys warms my heart. I’m sure they all had a blast, and now they have a great memory to add to their collection – not to mention an awesome story to tell at the boys’ future weddings!