Should I Celebrate Mother’s Day While Pregnant?

pregnant Mother's Day

So, you’re pregnant. It’s Mother’s Day. Should you celebrate this holiday before the baby is born? There are a plethora of opinions out there, but I honestly feel it’s a personal choice. But if you decide to partake in it, you should probably let your partner know in advance…because he will probably not assume you want to celebrate it. It may depend on how far along you are in your pregnancy. If you haven’t made any announcements yet, Mother’s Day could be a great time to do so. Another option is to celebrate a “Mother-to-Be” Day if you don’t feel comfortable having a full-on Mother’s Day celebration.

My personal feeling when I was pregnant for the first time was that I definitely felt like a mom and wanted to at least acknowledge that fact. I had a baby inside of me that I was nurturing, worrying about, getting sick and nauseous over, changing my diet for, making sacrifices for, loving, talking to, shopping for, and preparing for. That sounds like motherhood to me. Just because I hadn’t changed a diaper yet or stayed up all night didn’t change my opinion or feeling about being a mother. Motherhood is all about stages. My kids have not gone to kindergarten or graduated college… we haven’t made it to those stages yet. But does that make me less of a mother? I don’t think so. So I personally believe that pregnancy is the beginning stages of motherhood, and if you want to celebrate that, then by all means, you should!

We didn’t go overboard in my family… in fact, I actually I think my husband was one of those who didn’t realize the celebration (or at least a card) was important to me, and he skipped the whole thing. My grandmother, however, did send me a “mother-to-be” card, which was much appreciated. This time around I have a 1-year-old, and I’m also pregnant with my second. I think some flowers and a pregnancy body pillow would be the perfect gift for a pregnant mama. A prenatal massage works too. Hint hint 😉

What do you think? Did you celebrate Mother’s Day when you were pregnant?