Should I Use a Crib Bumper?

crib bumper

When you’re expecting for the first time there are so many things to consider. What types of bottles should I use? What brand of diapers should I buy? What kind of car seat is best? The list is truly endless and downright stressful.

In case you haven’t already, you should also be asking yourself, should I use a crib bumper? More stress, sorry, I know! But, if you’ve been shopping for crib bedding, you’ll notice that many sets do not come with bumpers. You have to buy them separately. Since they don’t come with the set, it makes the decision that much harder. It not only comes down to a sense of whether they’re a necessity, but more importantly whether bumpers are safe for your baby.

The American Academy of Pediatrics does not want parents to use them. While many mamas may lean towards using them to prevent their baby from getting a limb stuck in between the rails, the AAP says there’s no proof they actually help. In fact, experts say bumpers can actually lead to suffocation and babies getting tangled up.

Now, the state of Illinois is thinking about banning the sale of crib bumpers. If the bill is passed, the only bumpers that would be allowed would be the mesh bumpers without padding. Lawmakers say they are just trying to keep babies safe. But some argue that bumper pads are not as unsafe as many claim. Right now Maryland is the only state that has a crib bumper ban. Maryland’s law went into effect in 2013.

While the bumpers may make the crib look nicer, it’s all about safety. Any mom would agree that they wouldn’t put their baby in danger just to make the crib look prettier!

If you’re still stuck in the middle when it comes to the bumper issue, do your research. Look to see what problems bumpers have actually caused. Take a close look at a crib before settling on one. Check out the spacing between rails and see how comfortable you are with it. Check out various bumpers to see how they differ. Of course, talk to your pediatrician to get more professional advice. Don’t forget to trust your gut, especially when it comes to your baby’s safety!

Have you or do you plan on using bumpers in your baby’s crib?