Should Restaurants Reward Well Behaved Kids?

restaurant check

Chances are if you’ve ever taken your kids out to eat, you’ve been “that family,” no matter how good of a parent you are.  You know “that family.” They’re the one whose kid throws a tantrum over the peas and mashed potatoes you ordered. They’re the one whose kid is using Incredible Hulk-like strength to get out of his high chair while screaming so the cook in the kitchen can hear him too. You just wished you stayed home so you didn’t have to deal with the dining demon your child has suddenly become.

So, what are you supposed to do? Never go out to eat?  How is a child supposed to learn how to act in public if they’re always kept at home? If you ask me (or even if you don’t), kids are only going to learn how to act at restaurants if you take them. It’s just like anything, practice makes perfect. Sometimes, that perfection is rewarded.

Take one Washington family who was recently surprised with a discount on their bill for “well-behaved kids.” The owner says he was so impressed with how the family acted that he wanted to do something nice for them. Apparently, he’s done this before, but this time the server actually wrote it on the check.

I have to say, kudos to this owner, and kudos to these parents. It can be downright impossible at times to get kids to be good at a restaurant, so everyone, including other diners, can enjoy their meals. As a parent, it’s nice to know your child’s good behavior is being recognized for once. It can be annoying to get scowls from other people when my kids aren’t perfect angels. Sometimes there’s nothing even Supernanny can do to make a meal go right!

I think it would be great if more places did this sort of thing. I know during these tough times many restaurants can’t afford it, but I think that’s what makes this even more special.