Should There be Baby-Free Flights?

Whoa, baby! The friendly skies aren’t so friendly these days as a firestorm of controversy is brewing over babies on planes. A journalist from England recently stirred the pot when she asked why parents need to bring little babies on planes. Kelly Rose Bradford says some parents are selfish when they do so. She says parents need to realize they need to change their lifestyle when they have kids. Apparently this includes not bringing babies on planes–she wants baby-free flights.

Bradford went on to suggest child-free flights or maybe a special section on the plane for families. Since there’s business class, why not family class?

Since her thoughts went viral, there’s been plenty of cabin pressure building on social media. Tweets have been flying, both for and against the idea of #childfreeflights or “family class.” Many people say they would pay extra to know they wouldn’t have to deal with kids on a plane. Others say the idea is discriminatory and that everyone has the right to be on the same flights.

We’ve all been stuck in mid-air with people we didn’t want to sit next to or deal with on a plane. There’s the guy who didn’t shower this century. There’s the snoring bear. Don’t forget the woman who decided it was happy hour for all four hours of your flight. The point is there are all kinds of situations you have to be ready for when you fly. Crying or annoying kids are grouped into that bunch.

I don’t think the answer here is #childfreeflights. But, I do think a “family class” isn’t such a bad idea. Just like other passengers may not want to deal with crying kids, there are plenty of parents who don’t want to be stared at for eight hours because they’ve become “that family.” This could be a win-win for everyone. People who roll their eyes at crying kids have to know that parents don’t want to deal with the drama either. But just like poopy diapers, it happens.

As the debate rages on there are some things that you can’t argue. People will keep tweeting their opinions. Babies will keep crying. People will keep complaining. We all just have to keep calm and fly on.

Do you think there should be child-free flights or a “family class” on planes?