Six Reasons You Should Be Using a Rewards Credit Card

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Rewards credit cards offer great benefits to consumers for doing the one thing everyone does: buying stuff! If you don’t already have a rewards credit card, or if you’re looking for a new one, check out these six reasons why you shouldn’t use anything else for your purchases, mama.

1. Hello, Sign Up Bonuses

Rewards credit cards offer consumers all kinds of bonuses just for getting their card and using it within a certain amount of time. Some sign-up bonuses include extra cash back, statement credits, or airline or travel points. Who doesn’t need a bonus? No one we know!

2. Earn Money for College

We all know we should save for our kids’ college, but it’s not always easy to find even a little money to set aside each month, right? That’s why the Upromise MasterCard® is so great for families, because it helps you save cash for college through your normal—wait for it—spending! When you use the Upromise MasterCard for online shopping, at participating restaurants, at the movies, and for pretty much everything else you do, you’re earning money—as much as 10% cash back—that’s deposited in your Upromise account. There’s no extra effort or penny pinching on your part required!

3. Pay No Annual Fee on Some Cards

Some rewards cards have no annual fee. That means you get to earn rewards like cash back on your purchases without forking over any money for the right to do so. Most airline credit cards and many of rewards cards from American Express do have an annual fee, so it’s important to watch out for that when you’re doing your research.

4. Earn More at Your Top Spots

Rewards credit cards might give you different points or cash back percentages depending on where you use your card. For example, some cards give extra points or more cash back at gas stations, grocery stores, or certain retailers. Look for a rewards card that gives you the greatest rewards at the places you shop the most, and you’ll quickly pile up the perks.

5. Eat Out, Earn Rewards (Even for the Food Your Kids Didn’t Eat!)

Rewards credit cards often include select restaurants in their cash back categories (check your card’s website to see if yours does). When you’re dining out, does your child frequently insist on ordering meals he never eats? Try this: Get a rewards card that gives you cash back or points on spending at participating restaurants. Then check your credit card statement and when it includes rewards from that last family meal out, well, it does help soften the blow of all that wasted food!

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6. Take Off Faster, Fliers

If your family travels frequently, an airline rewards card might make sense for you. Cardmembers can earn frequent flier miles with each spend, and eventually cash in those miles for a free flight. Some airlines also offer card members perks such as free checked bags and deals on airfare. These cards usually have an annual fee but the card could pay for itself if you travel a lot.

If you are looking for a family-friendly rewards credit card, check out the Upromise MasterCard. You can earn up to 10% cash back to put towards your child’s college account when you use it at participating restaurants, at online retailers through including Old Navy, Carter’s, and more than 850 more, and on travel booked through Plus you’ll earn cash back at department stores, movie theaters, and for most everything else you buy, and there’s no annual fee. Learn more and apply here.

Please note Upromise is an advertiser with Mom365. However, all opinions expressed are my own.