Skin on Skin. The Comfort Your Baby Feels

It’s impossible to not want to hold your baby and feel their soft skin. Some say it’s addictive to carry them and rub your face against their cheeks. If it is an addiction, it’s a win-win for both mothers and babies. Here’s why:

When you initiate contact with your infant, she benefits in many ways:

    • You create the connect they need to bond with you. They smell your scent, they feel your touch; it begins at birth and continues as you and your baby grow together.
    • They are less stressed which results in them crying less.
    • They are happier and they are more likely to latch when given the opportunity to be skin.

Many different benefits of skin-on-skin contact have been recorded and studied. This website is only one of many. They all do come to the conclusion that when you engage in this joyful behavior, it can only be good for your child.

Their breathing is more normal as is their heart rate if skin-on-skin happens right at birth. (Source: )

Of course, keeping that skin-on-skin time after you have brought your baby home from the hospital only keeps that bond closer.

I have skin-on-skin after every bath, despite fear of being peed on. The smell of my freshly washed baby girl. My warmth transferring to her skin. Her heart and mine singing sweetly. My joy that has carried over from when she was born.

Do you still engage in skin-on-skin contact with your baby?

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