Slide Rule: Let Tots Go Solo!

You go down the slide with your LO for safety’s sake, right?  (Or maybe you just love the fun?)  Well, the results of a new study suggest that this may be one of those times when a child is safer by themselves.

In fact, a study at Winthrop University in Mineola, N.Y., found that nearly 14% of pediatric leg fractures over an 11-month period involved a child under age 3 riding down a slide with a parent.

Take 18-month old Hannah Dickman,for example.  According to a recent NY Times story, last spring, Hannah caught her leg in the slide while going down with her mother Katie, and ended up in the hospital after she was not able to walk.  It turns out that her tibia was fractured.

According to Dr. Edward Holt, the orthopedic surgeon at Anne Arundel Medical Center who treated Hannah, the fracture was entirely preventable.  If a foot gets caught while a child is sliding alone, they can easily stop themselves and get free, but when they are sitting in the lap of an adult, the force of the adult’s weight behind them ends up breaking their leg.

Think you’ll let your little one take on those slides by herself?