Snooki Says No To Breastfeeding

snooki poses for the camera

She’ll tan until she’s orange in the face, she’ll drink until she’s falling down drunk, and she’ll fight on national TV with reckless abandon, but there’s one thing reality TV star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi won’t do: Breastfeed.

“I’m just scared,” the Jersey Shore star told ABC’s Good Morning America. “My friend did and she said it was so painful…but I definitely want to pump because it’s the best nutrients for the baby.” 

But once Polizzi was shown a breast pump, she wasn’t impressed. “It’s kind of like you’re a cow and you’re just milking.”

Feeding plans aside, the reality TV star has made some serious lifestyle changes in anticipation of her baby boy’s arrival later this year. She’s sworn off tanning, drinking and partying until she gives birth.

What’s your guess: Will Snooki end up breastfeeding after all?