Snow Days, Babies, and Jobs—Oh My!

baby in snow

Last winter my baby was brand-new. I was on maternity leave and the weather in New york City wasn’t so bad. This winter my babe is bigger, louder, and mobiler and I’m working almost full-time, from my new home in extra-wintry Western Massachusetts. Which is to say—how the heck have working-outside-the-home moms managed snow days all these decades?

Like so many things with parenthood, I never really thought about it. But now, I realize—lots of snow = no childcare = how on goddess’s great snowy earth will I get any work done?

We do a mix of nanny and daycare and when it snows like it is right now—in a snowglobe-like, non-stop whirl that hushes the whole city—neither are available. The goodish news for me is that my husband’s job relies on him being able to go out for sales calls, which he can’t do in the crazy snow. But the days when he has had sales phone calls and I’ve had work, it’s been an eight-hour game of pass-the-kid.

It works, kinda, but I’m not sure how we’re going to get through another couple months of this with sanity and jobs intact!

I know I’m not alone here—how does your family play the snow-day game? And who’s winning? You or the white stuff?