Is “Mom” a Good Résumé Builder?

So you’ve been out of the workforce for “x” amount of years and you’ve decided now is the time to jump back in. You’ve been home raising your little ones and have worn every hat from cook to chauffeur to social worker to budget balancer. But, you have no “concrete” experience or references to show a potential employer. You’ve honed all of these skills while wearing your Mom hat at home.

How do you present this on a résumé? Should you put a catchy title like “Household CEO” to show you’ve been doing a lot of jobs while you’ve been at home? Do you try to bury the fact that you were a stay-at-home mom?

You may not want to do the latter. A recent survey shows 77 percent of employers think so-called “soft skills” like work ethic and multi-tasking are just as important as “hard skills.” Many also look at parental skills as achievements that can help in the workplace.

Many times we overlook our everyday doings and don’t see the hidden résumé riches they hold. Are you volunteering at your children’s school? Are you managing a committee? Do you help with the yearbook? Do you write updates for the school newsletter? These are all skills that can build your résumé as a mother. Don’t overlook them as “just helping out” at school. We all know they’re more than that.

If you’re not doing these things, it’s never too late to start. If you don’t want to or simply don’t have the time, then be upfront with employers when it comes to your lapse of time between jobs. While some experts say you shouldn’t try to put a catchy title on your household duties, I say why not? If you’re at home, chances are you are running the household, so why not put it on a résumé? If you don’t see the worth in all the work you’ve done at home then how can someone else?

Speaking as a stay-at-home mom, I think we sometimes sell ourselves short. When someone asks what do you do? Do you say you “just stay home with the kids”? I know I have said that before and then I end up kicking myself afterwards.

If you had a job outside the home would you say I’m “just a teacher” or “just a doctor” or “just a lawyer”? I think it’s safe to say you wouldn’t. So, don’t underestimate your own worth while you’re at home. You’re helping to raise the next generation of doctors, presidents, scientists, and teachers. That is something to brag about.

Once you have built up your confidence level, keep it there. Remember, you’re competing with other people who are probably in a similar position or who have years of current experience. Be proud of your mommy accomplishments and don’t be afraid to let them shine!

Are you a stay at home mom going back to work? How are you planning to address your years away from the workplace?