Summer of Strong Monday Workout: Working Out with Your Baby

We’ve all been there.

Those early infant days.

….The days when you “kinda” shower. Sure, you get in and get wet but since you’ve placed the baby in a bouncy chair right outside the shower, your shower curtain gets manhandled as you obsessively peek to see if he/she has choked on something. Two minutes and two near death experiences later, you call it “good” and get out, whether or not you actually used any soap. Eh, there’s always tomorrow.

….The days when you own every baby transportation mode out there. A Snugli, a jogging stroller, a regular stroller, a Moby wrap. They’re all in your car, along with all of the other 2,439 baby items that simply cannot fit into your house anymore.

….The days when you flip out just a bit when, after 5 minutes of being held by someone else, you realize Baby isn’t in YOUR arms. Akin to loosing a limb.

The theme during these days?

Keep baby as close to mom as possible.

And rightly so.

That infant has become accustomed to your smell, your voice, the way you move. You are comfort. You are home base.

So what happens when you’re trying to get that pre-pregnancy body back and you want to work out? What if you don’t have a sitter or childcare at your gym?

SOLUTION: You simply workout WITH your baby. (So THAT’S why they make those teeny tiny athletic shoes for infants.)

Tips For Working Out With An Infant

1. Hold On To The Baby Weight!

Not a typo – stay with me here. The goal here is to use your baby as added weight for your workout. Perform squats while holding your baby close to your body. Lie on the ground and gently lift and lower your baby over your chest (aka chest presses). As you’re doing pushups, position your child directly under you so that each time you go down, they think you’re playing a game. (Please see Tip #5). The roly poly-babies are the best – they make for a killer workout!

2. Change Your Mindset.

We tend to be “all or nothing.” Even when it comes to exercise. When you have a little one, you have to change your mindset towards exercising. You probably won’t be able to work out like you did before you got pregnant. The duration and intensity will change. Instead of trying to be the “old you”, instead, try to focus on exercises that give you the most bang for your buck (think Tabata and HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training), as well as exercises that you can do WITH your baby.

3. Invest In Quality Transport Tools.

Do your research and buy a high quality jogging stroller. Used or new, investing in something that will last could mean the difference between several years of walking and running or a few months of creaky wheels. Check out Consumer Reports and buy something that will last!

4. Apply the “Rules Of Addition.”

Use the “Rules Of Addition Method” – adding little bits of exercise up during the day for a total daily workout time of 30 minutes. Parking farther away at the grocery store, taking the stairs, commercial break crunches – It all adds up!!! Every little bit of exercise adds years to your life and takes inches off your fanny!

5. Safety First.

Above everything else, safety for mom and baby is CRUCIAL. When using your baby as a weight, if your balance isn’t up to par, DO NOT try performing a squat while holding your child! Also, make sure that you’ve used the safety straps correctly when putting your child into the stroller or carrier. Always practice safety first!

For this week’s workout, I thought I’d show you one of my all time favorite workouts! A heart pumping workout that takes only 20 minutes and can be performed in your home! If you have Pinterest, create a board named “Workouts To Try” and pin this workout so that you can have it at your fingertips for later use!!

Let’s MOVE!

What You’ll Need

A Jump Rope

Interval timer (I use the Gymboss, but you can also use a stopwatch function on your phone or the free online-stopwatch.)

How Often

Three times per week, non-consecutive days.

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I’d love to hear from anyone who is following along with the SOS workouts and how they’re working for you! Please visit my healthy living blog, Lindsay’s List, for more fitness and health tips!

QUESTION: Any other tips for working out with an infant that I might have missed??