Summer Smoothies for Just for Pregnant Women


It’s summer. I’m hot. My feet are swollen. I’m too tired to cook. And yet I’m always hungry.

The solution? Cool, refreshing, quick-prep, healthy, pregnancy-approved smoothies!

Here’s my list of recipes to try out:

Cucumber-Cantaloupe Cooler from Fit Pregnancy

I’m not a fan of cantaloupe, so I’m going to try swapping it out for watermelon. The high water content of melon can keep you hydrated and prevent constipation.

Whey Protein Strawberry Banana Shake from Modern Mommyhood

This is a great way to get enough protein, especially if pregnancy has turned you off of meat you usually enjoy.

The Ultimate Pregnancy Smoothie from Dr. Oz

I don’t know if I have the energy to tackle this one (it has a ton of special ingredients; where does one buy psyllium husk, for instance?), but there’s no doubt it packs a lot of nutrition into one glass.

Mom365’s new Pregnancy Guide has 7 of the best pregnancy smoothie recipes I’ve seen, and they were handpicked by nutrition experts. Peanut Butter Split? Triple Berry Yogurt Bliss? Fresh Citrus Smoothie? I’m trying that one today.

And here’s one from my favorite smoothie book, Super Smoothies: 50 Recipes for Health and Energy:

Morning-Sickness Solution

1 ½ cups diced pears

½ cup low-fat peach yogurt

½ cup pear nectar

1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

¼ teaspoon grated fresh ginger

3 to 5 ice cubs, crushed

Yum! Do you have any favorites?