Super Bowl Activities for Kids


Are you a football fan?  Diehard?  Kinda? Not really?  Only watch for the commercials?  In it for the appetizers at the Super Bowl party?  No matter what kind of football fan you are, there is a way you can make it fun with your kids this year.

If you are very much into the game and want to distract your kids so you can watch uninterrupted, then some of these ideas will be perfect for you.  However, if you are bored watching the game, some of these interactive ideas might be more up your alley.  Pick and choose what works best for you and your gang!

Super Bowl Crafts – Gather paper, poster board, markers, glue, glitter, paint, crayons, or whatever else you fancy to see who can create the best motivating sign for your team of choice.  You can also cut out and create footballs or team jerseys and have the kids decorate their favorite player.

Pom-poms – Along these same creative lines, using tissue paper and paper towel tubes, challenge your littles to make pom-poms in team colors and come up with their own cheers to root for their favorite team.

Cook with the Kids – Before the game even begins, you can involve your children in the game day prep by encouraging them to help you in the kitchen.  Create football cupcakes, appetizers in team colors, make a snack stadium, or check out these adorable ideas for football snacks.

Super Bowl Bingo – Create little Bingo boards with things you can spot on TV or in the room with you (think Gatorade bottle, American flag, microphone, player with long hair, Clydesdale commercial, etc.).  Have fun little prizes for the winners!

Face Painting – All kids love face painting, so set up a little station where they can get decorated with a football or their favorite player’s number.  You could also do the fun eye black under the eyes to make them feel like they are part of the action!

Scavenger Hunt – If distraction is what you’re aiming for, have kids create their own scavenger hunt by finding different items throughout the house in their favorite team’s colors.  Again, it’s fun to have small prizes for the child who was able to create the longest list!

Head Outside – If it’s not too cold out where you live, head outside during the pre-game for your own little mini football game!  It doesn’t get much more fun than that, and it will probably also tire them out for game time so you can watch in peace.

No matter what type of football fan you are, you can probably find something your kids will enjoy.  Whether you rate the funniest commercials as you go, play your own game, or are feeling crafty, the Super Bowl can be enjoyed by all with a little creativity.  Have fun and GO TEAM!