Sweetest Newborn Twins in a Bath Video

twin newborns in a bath video

The headline that got me clicking over to this was “Newborn Twins Don’t Realize They’re Born Yet….” It’s an achingly tender video of newborn twins being bathed in a method called Thalasso Baby Bath, created by maternity┬ánurse Sonia Rochel in Paris, France. Once the water starts running over their heads, they start behaving like they’re back in the womb. In addition to being adorable, it┬álooks like it feels really, really good. And watching these two hug each other throughout reminds me of that otters holding hands video from a few years back.

Rochel is super clear that you’re not to try this at home! Though she talks more about her method for bathing newborns in a regular, soothing way┬áhere. It’s a reminder that babies can really love a deliciously warm bath. And come to think of it–mamas too! ┬áSlip in one if you can.

Meantime, enjoy the relaxing sweetness!