Sweetest Newborn Twins in a Bath Video

twin newborns in a bath video

The headline that got me clicking over to this was “Newborn Twins Don’t Realize They’re Born Yet….” It’s an achingly tender video of newborn twins being bathed in a method called Thalasso Baby Bath, created by maternity nurse Sonia Rochel in Paris, France. Once the water starts running over their heads, they start behaving like they’re back in the womb. In addition to being adorable, it looks like it feels really, really good. And watching these two hug each other throughout reminds me of that otters holding hands video from a few years back.

Rochel is super clear that you’re not to try this at home! Though she talks more about her method for bathing newborns in a regular, soothing way here. It’s a reminder that babies can really love a deliciously warm bath. And come to think of it–mamas too!  Slip in one if you can.

Meantime, enjoy the relaxing sweetness!