Switched at Birth: Is Kate Pulling a Fast One on The Media?

In case you haven’t heard (ha!), the royal bambino is due any minute now. But there are questions on where exactly the baby will make its debut. Could Kate be using St. Mary’s Hospital as a decoy?

It’s been widely reported that Kate will deliver at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, where Prince William was born. But Kate has apparently been staying with her family, 60 miles outside of London in Bucklebury, not far from Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, where Kate herself came into the world. Is she planning to head there when the time comes?

I personally think it’s a great idea! Why shouldn’t the Duchess be able to deliver in peace? Sure, we’d all like word – and pictures! — the second that baby is born, but is that really fair to the family? Royalty aside, Kate and William are really just like any other happy couple awaiting the birth of their first child. It’s an extremely special time for them and they deserve to experience it in a more private manner if they so choose.

Kudos to Kate if she can pull the old bait-and-switch on all the newscasters and photogs who’ve been camped outside of St. Mary’s for weeks. Apparently she’s already managed to sneak past them once…