Taking Issue with Toddler Bathing Suits

two toddlers playing on the beach

As a woman and mother of two, one of the things I hate most is bathing suit shopping. Gravity and motherhood can do some mean things to your body, making this experience one of the worst. With that said, I never thought bathing suit shopping for a toddler could be almost as painful. Here’s why…I think some of the suits out there for little girls are downright ridiculous and too revealing.

Apparently, one piece suits are not the “in” thing this year for tots. Who knew? After trudging two kids through four major retail stores, I saw more swimwear suited for a grown woman rather than a toddler. Some suits were so tiny, while others actually had little shapes cut out on the sides. Is this really necessary?  Is it really that cute?

I just don’t know what’s so wrong with letting kids be kids. We know they are itching to grow up fast, but why do we have to help them? I worry about the message some of this tot swimwear is sending.  Some may say I’m being a prude and to lighten up, and that’s okay. I know clothing makers wouldn’t be producing these bathing suits if they weren’t selling. But, little girls can still be cute wearing a bathing suit that doesn’t look like it came out of a mini me version of a Victoria’s Secret catalog. What’s so wrong with little ones covering up a bit and not looking like swimwear models?

P.S. In case you were wondering, I did finally did come home with two “suitable” suits. We found a cute one piece and one of those two piece numbers with the swim shirt that looks like a surfer top. By the way, those suits are not only cute, but also are great little sun protectors, just sayin’!