Taylor Hanson Follows the Old Lady Name Trend

Scrambled letters

The fifth baby in the Taylor and Natalie Hanson family has arrived! The Hansons welcomed a girl to their brood yesterday, naming her Wilhelmina Jane Hanson.

This one caught us a little off guard, a bit far from our predictions earlier this year, but it still proves that Natalie knows her name trends. While we thought the Hansons might choose a name that has been rising in popularity like with the names of Wilhelmina’s siblings (with the exception of Viggo)–EzraPenelope, and River, the Hansons went in the opposite direction.

Instead, Wilhelmina is an older generation’s name, popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s, but has not been seen much since. This, however, is not unusual of late. We have over the past couple of years that Old Lady Names are back! We even saw an example of it last month when Drew Barrymore welcomed daughter Olive, and last month with Carson Daly’s Etta, and last year with Tori Spelling’s latest child, Hattie.

Trendy as ever, the Hansons have done it again. We’re excited to see what nicknames they might use for Wilhelmina. Willy? Mina? Willa? With a name that long, the possibilities are many.

What do you think of the name Wilhelmina? How does it fit in with the rest of the Hanson family?