The 6 Best Pregnancy Apps

pregnant woman checking her mobile phone

“People have been having babies for thousands of years. Your body knows what to do.” Sound familiar?

While technically that cliche is true, every pregnancy comes with its own set of questions and anxieties. Am I eating the right things? How can I get in the best shape for labor? Is this ache normal?

Our selection of smartphone apps puts information, advice and even peace of mind (yes!) at your fingertips.

1. Sculpt My Pregnancy

This app is crammed with safe, pregnancy-friendly exercises and awesome stretches. They’re organized by month, and can help with complaints like constipation and back pain. You can even track your workouts and make notes about how you feel.

$3.99 for iPhone/iPad



2. Your BFF During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is like gaining entry into an exclusive club, and this app will teach you the secret handshake. You’ll get insider info that only a real BFF would tell you – think hemorrhoids, nausea and CPR classes. Your BFF even syncs with your calendar, adding a helpful tip for each week. Now you know why you like her so much!

$4.99 for iPhone




3. Yogamama

These easy prenatal yoga exercises will help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, and also relax you. Plus, if you’re experiencing common discomforts like back pain or heartburn, these videos might offer relief.

$2.99 for iPhone





4. Pilates for Pregnancy

This program offers separate workouts for each trimester: You can buy them separately for $4.99 each, or get one app with all three trimesters for $9.99. Created by a certified Pilates instructor, it lets you tailor your workouts by amount of time or  particular body parts to help you stay in your best shape for the whole 9 months.

$9.99 for iPhone





5. Pregnancy Companion Free

Created by two ob-gyns, this app is crammed with helpful and reassuring info and tools – and it’s free! You can track your doctor’s appointments, keep tabs on hydration (more important than ever!), find out which over-the-counter meds are safe, create lists and get tons of tips and advice. And even ask questions.

Free for iPhone (coming soon to Android)





6. Foods to Avoid When Pregnant

Is smoked salmon OK? What about mayonnaise? It’s tough to remember every what-to-eat-when-you’re-expecting rule you come across — or know which ones are accurate. This app, which has all the most recent info on pregnancy diet no-nos, can calm your fears or shut down that naggy acquaintance who means well, but who hasn’t updated her pregnancy databank for a while.

$0.99 for iPhone