The Absolute Best Mother’s Day Brunch

Oh mama. We work so hard and hardly ever get to sleep in. We need nourishment like crazy, but end up eating too quickly, lost in a sea of demands and needs at the kitchen table. “Oops! Forgot the bib!” and “Oh! Let me wipe that up,” is how we often begin our meals.

I strongly believe that on Mother’s Day, brunch should happen in bed, with no bibs in sight! Loving children can toddle around but should stay off the bed until after mama drinks the fresh-squeezed OJ so it doesn’t spill. The best Mother’s Day brunch should be brought in on a tray, with a few flowers–and of course be filled with delicious foods.

Mother’s Day brunch in bed should be very simple, so the kids can help make it, but very delicious. What makes it special will be a variety of colors, textures, and temperatures.

  • Fresh-squeezed orange juice. You don’t need a fancy juicer to make fresh squeezed OJ. You can use a classic lemon/citrus squeezer, or even squeeze it by hand. Just make sure to cut the orange in half so that the sections are cut in half and then squeeze! This is will show mama you really care.
  • Assortment of berries with heavy cream and brown sugar. This may be the closest thing to heaven I have ever experienced. You can either drizzle the heavy cream and brown sugar on yourself, or find a mini pitcher and let her douse the lovely berries herself. She may not want anything more! But then she probably will…
  • Scones. Warm scones with butter. Handmade warm scones with butter! In a pinch, if there is no time for handmade scones,  English muffins–toasted twice (first toast is just to finish cooking these little pucks of deliciousness), and then buttered while hot with lots of fresh butter–should be awesome enough to suffice. Just don’t skimp on the butter!
  • Hot tea or coffee. No proper brunch is complete without a hot beverage and hopefully one containing caffeine!
  • Little extras: a few squares of dark chocolate, a caramel, and a mini bottle of champagne (in case she wants to spike her OJ).

Bring her this work of art on a tray, with a few flowers, and then whisk the children away, unless of course she wants them to stay. Don’t be gone for too long, because she will probably miss you. So come back like a good waiter should to check on her and give kisses and hugs, being careful around all the sticky beverages.

What do you think is best to eat or serve on Mother’s Day??

And to all you wonderful mamas, HAPPY MOTHER”S DAY!!