The Benefits of a Hiring a Nanny

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While considering childcare options, one you’ll likely think about is a nanny. This common option has many benefits for children and parents. Need some convincing? Here are some benefits of a nanny:

Top-notch individualized attention

Some families choose to work with a nanny instead of having their kids go to daycare or preschool because they want their kids to have more one-on-one attention. Why is this so important? Kids can develop a bond with nannies that is much closer than with a daycare provider or preschool teacher because they spend more time getting to know one another. A nanny can likely better address each child’s needs, from working with their individual learning styles to offering fun play options. Nannies are also helpful for children who have special needs, from medical issues to mental development or learning disabilities. These caregivers can even have extra training and experience in working with kids who have autism or need mobility assistance to provide the best care possible for your kids while giving you peace of mind.

nannies, nanny, at-home childcare, childcareNannies provide care at home, which is typically safer and more comfortable for your little ones.

Staying at home

A big factor in choosing childcare is the environment. Many parents worry about the safety and cleanliness of a daycare provider or preschool program. While you can’t control how many little ones come to those places sick and cough all over the toys, you can limit exposure by keeping your kids at home with a nanny. Instead of spending each morning hurriedly packing up must-have toys and snacks to send with your kids to daycare, have a leisurely morning knowing the nanny will soon arrive!

Food options

Parents of kids who are picky eaters or who have allergies are especially thrilled with the idea of nannies because they can cook. Keep in mind that not all nannies offer this service, though, so ask before you hire. Just about anyone can make boxed mac and cheese or use a rice cooker, but some nannies are excellent cooks who take special care to ensure your kids are eating healthy and nutritious meals. They can ensure your kids aren’t exposed to allergens much easier than most other childcare providers as they have better control over meal options. Some may even grocery shop with your kids, but this is not always the case.

nanny, childcare provider, childcareScheduling changes are often easier when using a nanny.

Easy scheduling

One of the most beloved parts of having a nanny is the ease of scheduling. While daycare centers and playschools tend to have set hours, nannies are usually far more flexible. Especially if the nanny is only working for your family, he or she can commit to the hours you need regardless if they’re at night or come up suddenly. Know, however, that working with a nanny who provides childcare to two families may restrict your access to him or her for emergencies or unexpected needs. So long as you use a nanny you trust, the individual will likely do the best he or she can to offer help in the event of a family death, for example, or an unplanned snowday from school.

Potential for travel

If you’ve ever brought your kids on vacation, you know that while there are fun and relaxing moments it can also be a chaotic time. While you can’t bring along the preschool teacher or daycare leader when you head to Disney, a nanny might be a better option. Nannies often accompany families on trips to offer childcare similar to what they provide at home, but will require lodging, flights and a higher fee as they will likely be working around the clock.