The Duchess: She’s Just Like Us…

kate middleton, prince william, and baby

Very exciting and kind of surprising news from England: Mama Middleton is moving in! Or at least that’s what sources are saying.

Rumor has it that a suite is being built for Mom and Dad Middleton at Kensington Palace where the Duke and Duchess live with little Prince George. Here’s what one source said, according to an article on

“Separate living space is being made available for Carole and Michael Middleton within Kensington Palace for when they come to stay. The guest area will allow Carole and Michael to be near Kate whenever possible. William is really pleased they will be close by – he really is behind the idea.”

I think it’s brilliant! If you have family nearby who are willing to help, and even better, space in your house to accomodate them — bring it on! George is Carole and Mike’s (did anyone ever make that Brady Bunch connection there? Just wondering…) first grandchild so they want to be there to spoil him rotten! All the better for Kate and Wills, who surely have a lot on their plates and can use all the help they can get.

Not to say they’re not doing a fine job on their own because I’m sure they are. But any new parents would be lucky to have help on hand for even just a few days. It’s nice to be able to take a quick nap or shower or just step out of the house for some fresh air and a quick grocery run without having to worry about bringing the baby.

Speaking of grocery runs, Kate was spotted doing some grocery shopping just the other day and she looks AMAZING only a month after George’s birth. Of course she does! Did we expect anything less than perfect from her? Of course not. It’s hard not to like her, though, perfection and all — she is just so darn down to earth it’s adorable.