The Holiday Gift Guide for Baby

baby asleep wearing a christmas hat

Just like gifts you receive, some for baby seem like good ideas but don’t always work out so well. (Bear-shaped anti-flat head pillow, anyone?). And then there are those that are functional, but hideous (Aunt Maddie’s sequined baby blanket, par example).

Check out gift ideas for the wee one that hit that sweet spot—useful and fun!

1) Baby Bunny Balaclava

Outwit those clever babies who love to pull their hats off (a.k.a., all babies) with this warm, snuggly, and, most important, adorable hat. The generous built-in scarf will keep every single one of those neck rolls nice and toasty. At Monsoon, $20.

2) Hoots. Hollers, and Rooftop Serenades

“Mama’s got the baby, singing him a song. I’m looking in her tired eyes…and I’m singin’ along.”

This kids’ album by treasured Brooklyn, New York music teacher, Pete Sinjin, will have you dancing around the living room with your little one. What better way to spend those sleepless days?

At Amazon, CD is $13; MP3 is $10.

3) Eco-Friendly Elephant Mobile

Simple designs best catch the eye of those oh-so-curious newbies. Hang one of these over a changing table, and you just might have a little bit less squirming. These minimalist eco-friendly mobiles are handmade using forest-friendly materials. At Amazon, $37.

4) The First 1000 Days Baby Journal

Washington based artist, Nikki McClure, creates images using a laborious method involving an x-acto knife and a single sheet of paper. This beautiful baby journal is modeled after the one she made for herself, and is sure to make a one-of-a-kind gift. At Amazon, $12.95.

5) Personalized Smartphone Teether

It’s baby’s own smartphone! The perfect gift for those grabby little teethers. Includes free personalization, and is toxin-free to boot. At the Three Princesses shop on, $12.

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