The Imperfectly Perfect Parent

Unrecognizable young mother with smartphone and baby travelling. A beautiful woman and her son inside the station building.

I’m a social media parent. The one that bugs you or inspires you

You either love me or hate me.

I’ll brag-post about how my son has been reading on his own now but then an hour later I’ll mention wanting to Britney-shave my head because I’m going crazy from my kid’s screaming fights.

I post pictures on Instagram with no shame. I love playing with my kids and putting kooky pics on the site to share. I’ve also posted pics when my daughter fell. I know there are parents who think I’m crazy to do so. But those parents who have had similar incidents, I hope they see my pics and go it’s not just me, I’m not a bad parent.

I’m not a bad parent. You aren’t one either. We all tend to judge. Of course, I’m on the chopping block because I choose to show my kids via social media. Then again, so do other parents. The levels of sharing are different. Everyone has an opinion on what should be shared. I tease a little. I make fun. I’ve participated in the “kid shaming” meme. I’m not doing any of those things to be cruel or vicious. I make mistakes. I over share. I really don’t care what the judges think. Call me selfish or dangerously inept. Go ahead. You are entitled to your opinion as much as I’m entitled to be a SMP a social media parent

Do I think about my kids seeing/ reading my blog years down the road? Yup. Will I tell them what I did? Yup. Because I want them to know I’m real.

A real parent and a human being. I’m entitled to my emotions as they fluctuate like the moods of my kids. I create and write based on those things that surround me because the audience I desire is looking for a real parent to read about. Funny, sad, anxious, crazed, madly in love with their children.

Imperfectly perfect.