The Life of a Royal Baby, By the Numbers

So much about the Royal Baby is unprecedented–and the heir hasn’t even been born yet! Even though the Royal Family likely won’t confirm the gender or name until the birth announcement is posted on the gates of Buckingham Palace–and on Twitter, a first for the royals–that hasn’t stopped the world from pondering what the tiny prince or princess’ life will be like.

For one, the Royal Baby (whose surname will be Mountbatten-Windsor) will count among his/her grandparents Kate Middleton’s parents. While they aren’t aristocrats, the trade-off is that they already appear to be much more hands-on. They’ll provide a strong support system for Kate and Prince William as they adjust to parenthood–not to mention some much-needed grounding for the Royal Baby as s/he grows up in an otherwise luxurious life.

Because everything about the Royal Baby’s gestation and eventual birth is changing how we view the Royal Family, it’s difficult to know anything for sure about what his/her life will be like. Still, we’ve been able to glean a few facts from watching Will and Kate in public, plus all those uncorroborated “insider” quotes.

Unlike past royals, the Royal Baby looks to be requiring only one nanny; in the past, there was a team of royal nannies on hand to take care of the royal kids. Furthermore, you have to imagine that the Royal Baby will not have as close a relationship with his/her nanny, simply because his/her parents and grandparents will be so readily available. That wasn’t always the case; even Prince William was said to have cuddled with his nanny in the morning before he cuddled with Diana. However, the “housekeeper” that Will and Kate are looking for will be in charge of the entire household, and not just the little one.

It hasn’t yet been confirmed whether Will will return to the Royal Air Force after his two weeks of paternity leave, or if rumors that he’s quitting for good are true. Regardless, he will likely make more of an effort to see the Royal Baby and to be affectionate. Additionally, the Royal Baby will have six or seven godparents–pulled from Will and Kate’s close friends–watching him/her grow up.

Here are a few fun facts, by the numbers:

13: The day in July when we’re expecting the Royal Baby’s birth.

8: Bookies’ most popular bet for how many pounds the baby will weigh.

30: The number of days–give or take–between the birth of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter and the Royal Baby. No doubt the press will always remind HRH that his/her American counterpart is a teeny bit older.

5/1: Odds that the baby will be named Diana, Elizabeth, or Alexandra.

41: The number of guns raised in salute to the Royal Baby’s birth, per British tradition.

9,393: Combined Twitter followers for the four Royal Baby parody accounts on Twitter: @UnbornRoyal, @IamRoyalBaby, @RoyalFoetus, @HRHBaby.

7/1: Odds that the baby will have red hair like its Uncle Harry.

0.3-0.8%: The small amount of Indian DNA that researchers theorize Prince William carries. If they’re right, the Royal Baby will carry half of that.

£87 million: Projected total spending by the British population on food and alcohol for Royal Baby birth parties.

£156 million: That’s how much the same experts believe that people will spend on Royal Baby commemorative memorabilia like cups, books, chocolates, and onesies.

1: Nanny, as opposed to the old tradition of a fleet of caretakers.