The Online Baby Book

Now that your little one is born, you want something to write down all the little milestones that occur. I bet you got one of those cute baby books that has places for photos and trinkets and such. I know I did. But it seems that the writing was the hardest part. I wanted to create the story of all the wheres and whats and hows.

Plus, I wanted the story to be really personal. It should, in my opinion my milestones too; how was I feeling, what was I doing at the time, where we were as a family, etc….

Today, I found something I wish I had when my babes were born…Meet the Roller Journal App .

Basically, its a journal app for your iPhone but what’s great about it is the questions it asks. It inquires about you, mom. You as an individual. It encourages you to write. To talk about yourself, your baby… It even will inquiry about others in your life.

Why does this app make a great baby book tool? In my opinion, because you can tailor it to you. What type of mom you are. It allows you to pick your important topics to journal about.

What would use the RollerJournal App for if you had it available to use?

Roller Journal App is available for IPhone and iPad for right now but they are working on an Android version.

Roller Journal did not pay me for this review nor reimburse me for my purchased app. My words are my own.