The Photography Gift Guide

photography gift

Ok so we’ve talked about gift ideas for others… what about gifts for yourself? Or for a photography obsessed spouse?

And where to even start?!

Don’t worry, as always, we’ve got you covered with this guide!

The gear:

New or upgraded DSLR

Now is a great time to get the camera you’ve been eyeing all year, whether it’s your first time getting a DSLR or it’s time to upgrade. Check out my blog post on what to think about when purchasing a DSLR.

New lens for your DSLR

If you’re happy with your camera, or you’re not ready to upgrade, a new lens can give your camera a new lease on life. Check out my blog post on the best lens for your DSLR.

New iPhone

Didn’t go for the 5S yet? It could be worth it for the camera alone.

New camera bag

Having the right camera bag can make all the difference between whether you take your camera with you or not. Check out my blog post on the best camera bags for moms.

New computer with external hard drive and Aperture or Lightroom.

Are you due for an upgrade? Is your computer running so slowly it has practically ground to a halt? For processing photos, if you’re not ready to upgrade but have space to add RAM, or you can clear off your hard drive by using an external hard drive, that can make a difference. Aperture or Lightroom will help you easily move and organize your photos on an external hard drive.

The support:

The Photosanity Workshop

Everything the busy parent needs to know, from taking better photos that capture the moment, to organizing photos so they are easily accessible, to editing and sharing photos so they can be enjoyed and appreciated instead of collecting dust on your hard drive.

The Aperture or Lightroom Workshop

Get organized in 2014 with organization templates you can import your photos into that will practically organize your photos for you!

One year in print from ShutterCal

Take a photo a day and upload to ShutterCal right from your iPhone. Get monthly prints for an entire year!

ShutterCal 365 Canvas 

Your entire year of photos on one beautiful canvas.

The accessories:


Get softer, better, more flattering, less harsh results from your DSLR pop-up flash with this clever little device you can attach to your camera.

Flash plus flash bender

Ready to take flash to the next level? Look at a Canon Speedlite or Nikon flash.

Expo disc

For more advanced users, this handy device allows you to set custom white balance with ease. Make sure you pick the correct size for your lens.

Camera strap

Tired of the ugly strap that came with your DSLR? Search on Etsy for something more elegant.

Or check out the Black Rapid camera strap I have that keeps my camera safely at my hip when my two-year-old needs to be carried at the playground!

Gift certificates and gift cards:

Gift certificates and gift cards are great when you are not sure what you want, or you know you want something that you will need to create/pick out yourself.

Mpix gift certificate

You can order your own prints, frames, magnets, canvas and more.

Uncommon gift certificate

Order a beautiful new iphone, ipod or ipad case featuring your photos.

Rag and Bone Bindery gift certificate

Choose beautiful handmade albums (including customizable covers).

B&H Photo gift card

With a B&H Photo gift card you can choose, well, really anything you could want for photography, video and more!