The Place for Personal Baby-Naming Advice

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect baby name, there’s lots of help out there in the form of books, websites, and apps (not to mention friends and family who are always full of opinions). Books and sites (like the popular NameVoyager) are great for getting ideas, tracking stats like a name’s popularity over time, or for researching options within a particular genre (traditional, trendy, unique, etc.), but if you’re looking for more specific, personal advice, there’s only one place to go, as far as I’m concerned:

Swistle’s Baby Names blog.

Swistle (a.k.a. Kristen) is a blogger with no formal baby-naming experience other than that she has five kids herself and shares really wonderful, thoughtful advice on how to give our children names we (and hopefully they) will love. She tackles naming issues for real people and real babies, covering everything from big topics like dealing with family drama (“Help! My sister-in-law stole my baby name!”) to simpler things like how to spell Kaylie/Kailee/Kayleigh. She regularly holds opinion polls, and her commenters are always a valuable addition to the discussion, but my favorite feature is the updates about what names people eventually choose.

I just hit the third trimester and we’re starting to narrow down our name list to a few favorites, but we’re not yet at the point we’re looking for expert help. If we get there, though, Swistle will be the first to know.

When did you pick your baby’s name? Did you use any websites, apps, or books to help you choose?