The Real Life Guide to Planning for the Baby

calculator spells out "help"

When we finally got pregnant, we were so elated that we didn’t concentrate so much on the stuff we wanted to do before he was born. Then we panicked.

Yes, we wished we had more money. Well, of course we did!! Everyone does!! In an ideal world, we’d have a complete college fund, money set aside for all daily expenses (formula, diapers, clothes,etc.) and one-time purchases (crib, bedding, bath, etc.) and an extra fund for the emergencies, whatever they might be.

But we didn’t have that, nor were we close. We didn’t live in that world. We lived in the paycheck to paycheck world. We let panic set in …….and then we talked about it. Baby IS coming.

We told ourselves, millions of people that have the same life as ours have done this. We can do it too. We planned a budget.

Then there was the space. We lived in an apartment big enough for 3, but adding a baby to the mix, we knew things would be a bit cluttered. Just with the “essentials,”  we were swimming in baby stuff. We wondered where we would fit the baby in all this!!

But we sold stuff and got rid of junk we didn’t need. We got a storage unit. We planned. We figured it out.

Then there was our work situation. His work week was scheduled from day to day, mine was 40 hours a week during the day, night, weekend or a combination of all 3. How would we manage? Did we need constant day care? What could we do to stay sane?

This was the hard one, but we did it. We found awesome care. I was able to manage a somewhat consistent schedule at work. And we managed it.

Just like you, maybe, we felt the panic that having a baby brings because your life is now changed forever. Day to day, year to year. You wonder how you are going to manage it.

Guess what? You just are.

Are wondering how? Are you figuring it out?