The Top 5 Baby Holiday Photos You Need to Have

Curious baby open birthday present box

It’s December, that most wonderful time of the year! However, for parents, it can also be that most overwhelming time of the year. We tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to create the perfect magical experience for our kids… and not only create it but document it.

Of course you want to capture the moment—every moment!—around the holidays, but let’s take some of the stress out of it. And despite the title of this blog post, there are no top 5 baby holiday photos you need to have other than YOUR top 5.

So here’s what I want you to do.

Imagine that you have a magical photo fairy who would perfectly capture your top five holiday moments. Which moments would they be?

Don’t think about the photo, think about the moment. What do you most want to remember about this holiday season?

If you need to, make a longer list and then narrow it down.

Here are some ideas for inspiration—ignore the ones that don’t apply to your religion, culture, tradition, climate, age or number of kids etc. (and thanks to the Ask Moxie parents who helped come up with some of them):

  • Picking/cutting/taking the tree home
  • Decorating the tree
  • Putting the topper on the tree
  • Letting baby pull ornaments off the tree and play with them
  • Hanging the lights outside
  • Baking Christmas/holiday cookies or treats
  • Decorating the gingerbread house
  • Watching classic holiday tv shows or movies
  • Drinking cocoa and singing carols at the local winter festival
  • Getting all dressed up to attend a special holiday event
  • Magical first snow fall
  • Making snow angels
  • Lying on the ground looking up at the lit Christmas tree
  • Writing and sending a letter to Santa
  • Reading a holiday book with a special relative
  • Taking each child shopping to buy gifts for the other siblings
  • Lighting the Menorah with family and friends
  • The tree all set up but before the kids get to it—either late Christmas eve or early Christmas morning
  • The look on their faces at the first glimpse of the tree on Christmas morning
  • In front of the tree with all the gifts
  • Christmas PJs
  • Opening the stocking
  • The look on their face when they open the present they were really hoping for
  • When your child unbidden tells the story/myth behind an activity and you realize you’ve created a lasting family tradition
  • The moment when quiet descends as everyone settles in to play with their favorite gift
  • The “wrapping paper swim”—pile all the wrapping paper in the middle of the room and let baby have at it!
  • Christmas dinner wearing paper crowns from the Christmas crackers (more of a British tradition)
  • Skyping or calling faraway family and friends

Remember, don’t try and capture all these moments. Create your shortlist of your top 5 moments and focus on those.

Here are my top 5 holiday moments to capture this season:

  • Decorating the tree
  • Christmas PJs
  • The tree before the kids find it
  • Opening presents
  • The whole family together on Christmas Day

If you need help picking your five holiday moments, follow this template:

  1. Something tree, or decoration related
  2. Something cooking, baking or craft related
  3. Something outfit or activity related
  4. A family tradition
  5. The entire family together

Happy holidays!