Tips For Dressing Your Toddler for Winter

dressing a toddler for winter

It feels like we just got out of that insanely cold winter from last year, and now we are right in the middle of the next one.  Last year, I had an infant to bundle up for colder weather, and this year I have a toddler.  Not a whole lot has changed from last year, but living in the city, it’s especially important to make sure my little one is appropriately dressed to go out and about.

Layers, Layers, Layers

Layers are a classic rule of thumb for anyone to follow during the colder months.  How many times do you bundle up for outside only to end up in a heated building and have to strip down again? Finding items that are easy to take on and off are key, especially when you’re still changing diapers or are toilet training.  I love hoodies and cardigans to layer over t-shirts or onesies.  A puffy winter coat or snowsuit with a head-to-toe zipper will keep them warm and will also be easy to remove. Make sure you don’t overdress them, though, because little ones can get overheated in too many bulky layers.  They also need to be able to move around on the playground or jump around in the snow comfortably.

Invest in a Stroller Bunting Bag  

My toddler is constantly squirming and kicking. I cannot tell you how many blankets have fallen off the stroller onto the dirty ground. With one of these warmers, your child will stay warm and snuggly and you won’t need to have as many bulky, uncomfortable layers.  The J.J. Cole Arctic Bundle Me is great for the winter months, and it zips up to keep baby’s entire body warm rather than just the bottom half.  With the intense winter we had last year, I felt this was a necessary purchase.  J.J. Cole also makes an Urban Bundle Me, which is more like a coat than a snow suit, if it doesn’t get as cold where you are.  7AM Enfant also makes a cover that you can transfer from stroller, to car seat to baby carrier.

Cover the Hands, Feet, and Head

My son is currently in a phase where he wants to take off his hat as soon as I put it on.  We have found that a fleece-lined hat that covers the ears and ties under the chin is our best bet to keep him cozy and ensure that it stays on.  For the hands, it’s pretty much near impossible to get gloves on those tiny little toddler fingers, so I would suggest mittens on a string.  Mittens will keep his fingers toasty, and the string will keep the mittens from getting tossed onto the ground.  For the feet, my go-to footwear last year were these Zutano booties.  They are very cuddly, and they snap on, so my son wasn’t able to remove them like he did with socks.  This year I may buy him a new pair, but he will also need something that he can walk in, so we will be on the hunt for a good pair of boots.  Kids’ shoes can be pricey, and they don’t last long with quick-growing feet, so try to find them second-hand.  Most will still be in great condition.  Pair the boots with a nice pair of cozy socks for those winter months.

Worst-case scenario, use the upcoming colder weather as an opportunity to get in some extra snuggles from your squirmy little toddler this year!  Good luck and bundle up!