Tips for Springtime Fun To Have With Your Grandchildren

a grandfather spending time with his grandson and his dog

Spring presents the perfect time of year for grandparents to get outdoors and have fun with their grandkids. Enjoying the nice weather and a fun activity together will help grandmas and grandpas bond with their grandchildren. Plus, it gives mom and dad some peace and quiet for themselves. Here are a few ideas to squeeze in before the summer season starts!

Spring activities for toddlers

Toddlers are at a cute age because they’re insatiably curious and are excited to have fun. Making a sensory tub or table will let them explore new textures, smells and items. Sensory tables are also great for language and motor skill development, as children will grasp the objects and you can teach them the names of different items in the tub.

Sensory tubs are simple to put together. First, you’ll need a tub and a base material. This can be anything, including rice, garden soil, shredded paper, sand, dried legumes or anything else, NurtureStore pointed out. Next, fill the tub with fun objects. You might include play plastic shovels, small toys like plastic bugs, vegetables or smooth stones. Make sure the items aren’t choking hazards and fit into the toddler’s stage of development.

Engaging in some crafts is a great way to spend an afternoon. If you have outdoor space with a picnic table or patio in the backyard, grandparents and grandkids can enjoy the warm weather and fresh air as they work on an art project together.

A DIY sun catcher is simple for toddlers to make and a good way to teach them about the changing seasons. All you’ll need is:

  • Scissors.
  • Adhesive foam, or construction paper and glue.
  • Contact paper.
  • Tissue paper.

Cut out the adhesive foam for the frame of the suncatcher. Hayley, author of the Minne-Mom blog, explained in a guest post for Fun at Home with Kids that she cut hers into flower shapes. Next, stick or glue the frame onto the non-stick side of contact paper cut to the same shape. Finally, stick small pieces of the tissue paper inside the frame. The tissue paper is translucent, so sun will shine through.

Spring activities for kids

As kids get older, grandparents can become more active with them. Take older children to the park to have a picnic. Ask them for help choosing which food to bring or putting together sandwiches. Also, come ready with some games to play.

Introduce your grandkids to some of the games you loved as a child, the American Grandparents Association suggested. Some ideas include:

  • Hopscotch: Bring along some sidewalk chalk and sketch out a grid to play on.
  • Flying kites: You can usually find inexpensive kites at dollar stores, or you can build a kite together.
  • Marbles: This game is so old-school it dates back to 4000 BC. It still gets kids interested today, so this can be a great activity to teach grandchildren.

Grandparents can also take their grandkids on learning adventures to local museums. If there’s a kids’ museum nearby, these can be fun ways to engage in creative play and learn some new things. But children can learn a lot at museums not made just for kids. Planetariums, natural history museums and art museums are fun places to make new discoveries, and some may have some kid-friendly activities or shows to attend.

Taking pictures can make a walk in the park or a trip to the beach more interactive while also capturing memories you and your grandchildren will treasure for years to come. Bring a digital camera so you can show your grandkids the photos as you take them. Or, if you have a Polaroid or other instant camera, you can print the photos on the spot to see how they turned out.