Toddler Has It On Lockdown

Toddler girl holding hands with her father outside

Keep up, little one.

Your brother is growing and learning at a rapid rate. Keeping up will be hard.

Can you do it?

Emotionally, it bugs you. Mentally, it’s confusing.

Your language has grown so much. Words you’ve learned and sentences you can form.

I thank your brother for that.

I thank myself and homeschooling your brother for that.

I thank my patience for that

Given your age, I don’t assume anything.
Yet you constantly surprise me.

Your looks makes me want to hide you in a closet
Fearful of losing you forever

I would never. I could never.

You are a child that needs to explore and climb and run and twirl

And sing

in order to feel alive.

You make me feel alive.

My little girl.

My little unplanned boo-boo

There are no mistakes.