Top 10 Tips To Get Your Kiddo To Sleep

How to Help Your Child Fall Asleep

We know the basics: have a bedtime routine, warm baths, soothing music, etc. But many of our kids still struggle with sleep problems. If your kiddo has trouble nodding off, perhaps it’s time to try a scientific approach. Tricking her body into producing sleep hormones, or providing it with proteins that promote sleep, may work better than any gadget or lullaby.

Here are a few methods to try that could help your child fall asleep faster.

Get Rid of the Blues

Multiples blue dots

Phones, TVs, tablets, computers, and pretty much every screen all emit a blue light reminiscent of daylight, and the more your child looks at it, the more her body will respond as if it’s daytime. Limiting the amount of screen time, especially at bedtime, can help. Some tablets and smart phones have apps that filter out blue lights, and computers can be fitted with a screen that does the same thing. Also be sure that any night lights have a red glow, not green, white, or blue.