Top 10 UK Baby Names in 2011

two british kids waving union jack flags

We’ve covered a few UK celeb babies recently, and now we can see just how unique their name choices are in their home country. The newly released list of 2011’s top 100 baby names shows that the current most popular names in the UK are Amelia and Harry. Both names are new to the top spot. Harry came up from #3 and Amelia surged from #5 knocking matched set Oliver and Olivia from their respective perches at #1.

Among recent UK-based celebrity babies, we’ve seen Sienna Miller’s Marlowe, Rosamund Pike gave birth to baby boy called Solo, Jack Osbourne and Lisa Stelly had Pearl, Peaches Geldof had Astala, Sam Taylor Wood and Aaron Johnson (now Sam and Aaron Wood-Johnson) had baby Romy Hero, and Hugh Grant and ex-girlfriend Tinglan Hong are the parents of Tabitha.

While it’s hard to say if most of these stars have gone “Hollywood” with their choices, they certainly have picked less-conventional and rare names for their kids. Only Earl Spencer (Princess Diana’s brother) and Kiss’s Paul Stanley picked names that appeared in the top 100. Both of these well-known dads are on the older side suggesting that just as in the US, younger parents are going for a wider variety of name choices.

Top 10 UK Baby Names for 2011


What do you think of the new top ten? What UK celeb baby names have you noticed lately?