Top 25 Spanish Boy Names in 2016

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If you’re having a baby, you may want to give your little guy a name that reflects his Hispanic heritage. Look within your family to see if you love any familial names, or check out this list of the top 25 Spanish boy names of 2016:

1. Jose

This Spanish form of Joseph has grown in popularity in the last 30 years. Nicknames include Zhe and Jojo. Jose means “God will increase.”

2. Jaden

This unisex name has grown in popularity from under 500 people in the early 1980s to between 5,000 and 7,000 babies per year between the 2000s and 2016. It is more commonly a boy’s name but has surfaced as a girls name as well. It is thought that Jaden is a combination of Jay and Aiden.

3. Javier

Javier is a name popular among babies in the Southwestern United States. It means “new house.”

4. Thiago

This Latin name means “supplanter,” or ruler who has overthrown. It is most popular in Florida but has trickled into other states as well.

5. Cruz

Both boys and girls have gained this name that means, “the cross of Christ.” The name gained popularity after Victoria and David Beck​ham named their son Cruz in 2005.

6. Arlo

The origin of this name is likely German, and means “fortified hill.” However, the Spanish version of Arlo means “bayberry tree.” This name is the most popular in the Midwest but has grown in popularity in areas of the country with higher populations of Spanish immigrants, especially the southern U.S.

7. Ramon

This boy name originated in Spanish culture and means “counsel protection.” Ramon had a popularity spike in the 1930s and has since peaked at around 1,170 names per year in the 1980s before today’s bump in occurr​ence.

8. Alessandro

Babies with this name may be destined for greatness as their name means “defender of the people.” There is also a female version of the name: Alessandra.

9. Bo

Originally, Bo was a Slavic name that meant living. Today Bo is gender neutral, but the name is more often given to boys than girls.

10. Alonso

This boy name can be found scattered throughout the Southwestern U.S. It means “eager for battle” and can be a form of Alphonse or stand alone.

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11. Salvatore

Baby boys with this name are often located in the Northeastern part of the country, with many residing in Maine and Rhode Island. Salvatore, a form of Salvador, means “savior.”

12. Yahir

Little ones named Yahir just might live up to their name which means “handsome.” The popularity of this name spiked in 2000 with around 1,300 babies in the U.S. It can also be a girl name but is used as such much less frequently.

13. Vicente

This boy name has grown continuously since the 1900s and is very popular in New Mexico and Texas. It means, “Victorious.”

14. Alfonso

The origin of Alfonso is likely Italian, the language in which the name means “noble and ready.” It is a form of Alphonse, or “eager for war.”

15. Rey

This Spanish name meaning “king,” has grown in popularity most years since the early 1900s. Today, the highest populations of boys named Rey reside in California, Texas and Arizona. Rey can be a girl or boy name but is more often male.

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Give your baby a strong name like Arlo, Cruz or Ramon.

16. Xzavier

This version of Xavier likely has a Spanish Catholic origin. The unique “z” spelling entered the U.S. baby name charts in 2000.

17. Felipe

If you name your son Felipe, he may become a horse lover as that is the very meaning behind his name. He might run into other Felipes in Texas, New Mexico or the rest of Southwestern U.S. where the name is most common.

18. Carlo

Both Italians and Spanish cultures claim this name that means “man.” Nicknames include Carlos and Carl.

19. Rolando

This Spanish boy name means “famous land.” The highest population of Rolandos were born in Texas, but can also be found in California, Florida, Maine and Illinois.

20. Santos

Although there were around 100 girls named Santos in the 1920s, this name has sense mainly been reserved for boys. Santos means “holy.”

“Many Southwestern U.S. residents have Spanish names.”

21. Jairo

“He shines” is the meaning of this Spanish name, common in the Southwestern U.S.

22. Tadeo

Before 1980, this name was rarely found in a child born in the United States. But popularity spiked in the early 2000s and Tadeo is 22nd most popular in 2016. The name means “praise.”

23. Cortez

Sons with this name may be extra polite as it means “courteous.” Cortez has been all over the map from slight popularity in the 1920s and then a large spike to several hundred baby Cortezes in the 1990s. Today it’s holding steady at 23rd!

24. Jair

This name, a form of Jairo, means “he shines,” and may have Hebrew origins. It has grown popular with Catholics.

25. Mariano

Mariano means “warlike” and is a strong male name often found spread throughout California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

No matter what Spanish boy name you choose, you’re sure to pick one that’s memorable! To make your son’s name more unique, consider changing up the spelling or giving him a longer name and calling him by a nickname.

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